Yana Alana & Tha Parana - Tears Before Bedtime
Yana Alana & Tha Parana

Tears Before Bedtime
A Live Art Exhibitionist

Much-loved cabaret provocateur and dissident diva, Yana Alana, invites you into her bedroom for an intimate live art cabaret experience; as a handful of lucky participants take a curious journey through Yana’s subconscious. Accompanied by the eccentric, steadfast Bec Beat, you will be privy to Yana’s fantasies, nightmares, hopes, dreams and dirty laundry.

Exploring the thoughts that keep you awake at night and the shadows that haunt your dreams, Tears Before Bedtime is best experienced in the comfort of your pyjamas, onesey or nightie.

Warning: If you are uncomfortable with close proximity to people you will find this show as difficult as Yana does.

Writer, Performer & Co-Musical Director Sarah Ward (Yana Alana)
Composer, Performer & Co-Musical Director Bec Matthews (Tha Parana)

Warning adult concepts, partial nudity
Image Peter Leslie

“She made me a fan and she is one of the best performers I’ve ever witnessed in the flesh. Alive, rambunctious and with a hint of neurosis, Yana Alana made me feel exhilarated.” Theatre People on Between The Cracks


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Tears Before Bedtime is presented by Theatre Works; and commissioned as part of its ENCOUNTER(S) project.