Nicola Gunn - Person of Interest
Nicola Gunn

Person of Interest

A few months ago someone I knew when I was 5 got in touch with me after an absence of 29 years.

Crystal Swenson lives in a small town in Nebraska. She’s a stay-at-home mom, which she loves, and her partner has just finished renovating their bathroom. They have a claw-foot bath.

Person of Interest is a work-in-development made with some of Nicola’s present anxieties. At the moment she’s thinking about superannuation, investment funds and private health insurance. She’s also thinking about everything that is wrong with the world (cigarette butts in pot plants) and everything that is right with the world (dogs). She wanted to know what Crystal thought.

Created by Nicola Gunn and Nick Roux

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Person of Interest is presented by Theatre Works; and commissioned as part of its ENCOUNTER(S) project.