Joel Gailer & Michael Meneghetti - Performprint
Joel Gailer & Michael Meneghetti


Extreme printmaking and macho ritual fuel Performprint – a ten-hour exploration of masculinity, live art and print reproduction in the 21st century.

Printmaker Joel Gailer and performance artist Michael Meneghetti join forces in an irreverent, hands-on, all-day spectacular – including large-scale printing, skateboarding, roaring Harley- Davidsons, an ear-splitting cacophony of competing bands; and at day’s end, a live human branding in front of audiences.

Come and go, watch or wander as you please. Don’t miss Performprint – a wild ride to end FOLA at Arts House!

Performer and Co-Creator Joel Gailer
Performer and Co-Creator Michael Meneghetti
Bands MY Band, Coffin Wolf

Warning smoke effects, loud music, open gas flame, live human branding, indoor motorcycles, extreme printmaking, stunts
Image Performprint

“They call it Performprint. Anyone else might call it Extremeprint” The West

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