Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan - Nothing To See Here  (Dispersal)
Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan

Nothing To See Here (Dispersal)
A work in development

Around the world, protests and public gatherings are often broken up by police. Nothing To See Here (Dispersal) is a choreography of crowd dispersal, created in consultation with people who have real-life experience of the techniques police use to break up protests.

Arts House patrons will be circulated away from areas in and around the Meat Market and North Melbourne Town Hall, leaving behind cleared-out spaces in which there is ‘nothing to see’.

Lead Artists Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan
Consulting Choreographer & Dramaturge Ashley Dyer

“Melbourne artists Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan developed… a viewing platform that offers a view of Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge erased from it; a work so rich in historical and political context the artists offer a 26-page booklet to explain it.” The Sydney Morning Herald