Fragment31/Leisa Shelton - Mapping
Fragment31/Leisa Shelton


A visual representation of an area.
A symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements.
Represent an area; mark; make a map of.

What would a map of live art performances look like?

Leisa Shelton and guests will ask FOLA punters about their most affecting past experiences of live art – when, where, what? – and create an installation in response. A researched mapping of memories and experiences including images, documents and writing, charting seminal moments in Australian live art.

As part of the Mapping project, artist Mike Mullins presents Limited Edition Conversations. Through one-on-one conversation Mike will tell stories about his experiments in new forms of avant-garde performance, conducted from 1976-1986. This work is based around a collection of fine art prints in the form of a card: select a card, create a conversation, discover a decade of experiments.

Artists Leisa Shelton, Mike Mullins
Senior Attendant William McBride
Attendants Ahmarnya Price, Alex Talamo, Caroline Lee, Jamie Lewis, Lara Tumak, Luke Kerridge, Pru Clark

Image Nathan Abels, Snow Trajectories Denver Cattle

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