Tristan Meecham & Aphids  - Game Show
Tristan Meecham & Aphids

Game Show

Win his fridge! Win his eczema cream! Win his plasma television!

From the creators of Fun Run, this show-biz spectacle examines one man’s desperate pursuit of fame and his personal sacrifice for a chance at the big time. Join host Tristan Meecham as 50 contestants compete live for the chance to win a grand showcase of prizes: Tristan’s very own possessions!

Game Show fuses game play, moral dilemmas and live cinema in a critique on celebrity, materialism and competition. What would you do to win? Does what we risk determine what we value? Will the winner really take it all?

Featuring Jonathon Welch and THECHO!R, and The Bodyelectric Dancers.

Conceived by
 Tristan Meecham
Created by Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S Weiland, Elizabeth Dunn, Martyn Coutts, Lara Thoms
Choreography & Community Recruitment Bec Reid

Performed by Tristan Meecham, Lara Thoms, Elizabeth Dunn, Bec Reid, Jon Campos, Jon Allingham, Willoh S. Weiland
Video interviewees Georgie Meecham, Joan Meecham, Maurice Meecham, Roger Monk , Jess Murphy
Design Jonathon Oxlade
Branding & Web Design Chris More
Composer Nick Roux
Additional Sound Lucia Ilett
Lighting Ben Shaw
Assistant Designer Yvette Turnball
Costume Maker Anna Macfarlane
Production Management Emma O’Brien
System Design & Operation Nick Roux
Production Assistant Bec Berger
Aphids Design Intern Robyn McPherson
Produced by Freya Waterson (Insite Arts)

Warning onstage smoke effects, strobe lighting, loud music
Image Jeff Busby; Design Chris More

“And it was fun. What fun. You could hear it from blocks away. But what made this event so curiously subversive was the lack of cues that clued us in that it was Art… the atmosphere was electric… A gold medal affair.” The Age Newspaper on Fun Run (The first spectacle in The Coming Out Trilogy)

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Game Show has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria; the City of Melbourne through Arts House; the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland; the Brisbane Powerhouse; and Aphids. This project is produced by Insite Arts.

Company Thank Yous: Jade Duffy, Andrew Delaney & Select AV, Cassandra Fiumi, Kerry Gerraty, Jan Hamilton, Rosemary Joy, Stephanie Kabanyana, Fabian Kong, Alan Lovett, Roger Monk, Brian Nankervis, Sarah Neal, Nish Pahwa, Marcus Pugh at Resolution X, Ian Pratt, ProStage, James Shannon, Zohar Spatz, Jacob Thomas, Alisdair Watts.