Curated by JOF - FOLA Club Nights
Curated by JOF

FOLA Club Nights

All and sundry are invited to revel in the amazing experience that is FOLA at the Arts House Club Nights. With three heady nights of frivolity, grab a drink, have a dance and take in the free performances we have lined up especially for you; including music, comedy, cabaret and everything in between.


Like a twisted night at the circus you never got to run away too!

Enjoy the premiere night in our club and witness some of the wildest and edgiest performers in the field of burlesque and cabaret. Hand picked artists that challenge the notion of what is physically possible in performance.

Then strut your stuff to PBS’s very own boss DJ Emma Peel!

Artists: Anna Lumb, Gabi Barton, Gordo Gambi, Moira Finucane
DJ: Emma Peel (PBS)


Just not right, comedy night! Our second club night brings a collection of cult comedians from all corners and crevices of Melbourne. Singing, kissing and dancing is on the menu, so come in, sit down and be served!

Hit the floor with Melbourne cool kids World’s End Press DJs!

Artists: Olympia Bukkakis, Bron Batten, The List Operators, Tina Del Twist
DJ: World’s End Press


Join us for our last evening at the club as we dance through the night and throw our hands in the air. Melbourne’s very own collection of bent house sounds, kooky beats and straight up dance floor bangers will get your heart pumping and your legs moving.

Fresh from MONA FOMA and Golden Plains the Rainbow Connection DJs will get your bootie shaking!

Artists: Tanzer, Biscotti
DJ: Rainbow Connection

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Anna Lumb
Bron Batten
DJ Emma Peel
Moira Finucane
Olympia Bukkakis
Rainbow Connection
The List Operators
Wes Snelling
World’s End Press