Sarah Rodigari - A Filibuster of Dreams
Sarah Rodigari

A Filibuster of Dreams

Join Sarah Rodigari as she toasts the people of Melbourne as they sleep. A Filibuster of Dreams is an all-night durational speech of love, loss, honour and unwavering hope. This event embodies ideas of failure and desire simultaneously. While the artist slowly fatigues through this performance, her toasting of strangers clings to the possibility that morning will bring them a better day.

Make your speech requests ahead of time via a registry, and bring your mats, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. Inspiration and refreshments provided by the artist.

“The rules of a filibuster are simple enough. You keep the floor as long as you hold the floor. What does that mean? It means you can’t stop talking ever. You can’t eat and you can’t drink which is fine because you can’t leave the chamber to use the bathroom either. But all that’s nothing compared with this: You aren’t allowed to sit down. You aren’t allowed to lean on anything or for that matter anyone…  If you ever have a free two hours and are so inclined, try standing up without leaning on anything and talking the whole time. You won’t make it. I wouldn’t make it.” C.J ‘The Stackhouse Filibuster’ The West Wing, Season 2 Episode 39

Contribute your own dedicated toast by emailing the person’s name and your specific well wishes to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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Written & Performed by Sarah Rodigari
Sound Nigel Brown
Dramaturgy Robert Walton

Image Jessica Olivieri

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