Savage Amusement - Far Away…So Close
Savage Amusement

Far Away…So Close

A one-to-one participatory performance event about the modern condition of love and distance. The performance occurs over Skype. In bed. Like lovers, distant lovers. You. Me. Together. Alone. Far Away. So Close.

This playful, yet poignant, piece explores the question: ‘If intimacy happens in one to one performance through the charged spaces between audience and artist, can this intimacy be experienced just as strongly from a distance?’

Devised & Performed by Melanie Jame Wolf

Image Sarah Walker

“The temptation in performances such as these is to try to control or oversteer them. This one was an immense privilege to be a part of.” The Australian on Green Room nominated An Appointment with J Dark

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Far Away…So Close is presented by Theatre Works; and commissioned as part of its ENCOUNTER(S) project.