Penelope Bartlau - Bathing Beauties
Penelope Bartlau

Bathing Beauties

What does being an athlete feel like? What does it feel like to get old? What does it feel like to inhabit a body that no longer looks like it used to? That no longer does what you want it to?

Bathing Beauties explores the female experience of aging through the lens of sport and synchronised swimming. Five glorious swimmers play, swim, and fight it out, in and out of the water, giving us the experience of growing old. Moving through reflections on youth and competitiveness, body image, and aging.

Lead Artist Penelope Bartlau
Sound Design Darius Kedros
Performers Caitlyn Barclay, Caroline Bock, Anna Lowendahl, Leah Scholes, Heidi Weatherald

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Presented by The 24 Hour Experience