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Art & Encounter
Why do artists engage publics in participation?

A new annual symposium, Art & Encounter aims to generate lively public discussion and rigorous debate on key issues in socially-engaged, participatory and live art today. In 2014 the symposium launches with the idea of what happens ‘beyond audience development’, and asks the question: ‘Why do artists engage the public in participation?’

Amy Spiers and James Oliver invite artists and artist researchers working in the expanded field of participatory art to join them in exploring these concerns. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the cultural, social and political dimensions of participatory art in the public realm.

Presenters include Anne Douglas (UK) and David Pledger (AU), with others to be confirmed.

Art & Encounter – Symposium Information (PDF)

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Art & Encounter 2014 is presented by the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, Faculty of the VCA and MCM, University of Melbourne; and Footscray Community Arts Centre. This project is supported by the Art, Social and Spatial Practice research cluster, Faculty of the VCA and MCM, University of Melbourne.