About FOLA

A new live art festival is born in Melbourne, proudly and uniquely brought to you by Arts House, Footscray Community Arts Centre and Theatre Works.

Starting in Footscray, moving to North Melbourne and across the city to St Kilda, the Festival of Live Art (FOLA) is 17 category-busting days of performances, experiences and happenings, from intimate one-on-ones to dazzling show-biz spectacles.

Live art happens at the moment of encounter between artists and audiences; it can unfold in the street, the theatre, on the phone or over the internet. Don’t just watch: FOLA is equal parts observing, creating and participating.

With most of FOLA free or low-cost, there’s every excuse to join us in celebrating the artform-breakers, risk-takers and creative mavericks of our time. Whether you see one show or 50 we hope FOLA will make you laugh out loud, cry in public, argue with passion, meditate in peace and certainly put a smile on your face…

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